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800 US protests: Close the camps, free the children

Atlanta. Liberation photo.
Atlanta. Liberation photo.

As more news is released of the torturous conditions that thousands of immigrant children and their parents are being subjected to, hundreds of protests were held across the United States on July 12. Masses of people are outraged at the shocking cruelty against kids and adults by the United States government.

This anger was expressed at more than 800 “Lights for Liberty” vigils held all over the U.S. From an ongoing vigil in Clint, Texas — where horrendous conditions for thousands of children were exposed — to thousands of people in the streets of Los Angeles, a broad range of people joined in unity to demand their freedom, some of them attending their first protest ever. Demonstrations were also organized by the Coalition to Close the Camps. 

Actions will continue because the crisis is definitely not over. In San Francisco, for instance, the First Unitarian Universalists have announced they will take the intersection at Geary and Franklin Sts., on July 21. 

PSL contingent in Atlanta. Liberation photo.
PSL contingent in Atlanta. Liberation photo.

Members of the Party for Socialism and Liberation were also present in many cities with placards, banners and a bilingual statement titled “Close the camps, free the children/Cierren los campos, liberen a los niños.” 

In California, there were many demonstrations. PSL was there in San Diego, Los Angeles, Palo Alto, San Francisco, Oakland, Ventura and elsewhere. 

In Washington there were 80 demonstrations across the state, including two vigils in Seattle, in Counterbalance Park in Queen Anne and at Occidental Square Park in the  Pioneer Square area, attended by PSL members. At both vigils, experienced activists rubbed shoulders with people who had felt moved to take action for the first time. 

In Ozark MO, 100 people stood in solidarity with the children and adults, to protest the imprisonment of people who are fleeing dangerous conditions in their homelands.

In Foley Square in New York City, over 1,000 people gathered including a contingent from the PSL. 

Demonstrators rallied in Taylor, Texas organized by the Waco Immigrant Alliance. 

In Mississippi, a caravan started in Oxford and went to Tallahatchee, the site of an infamous prison, where people are waiting to be deported and PSL was there. 

In Atlanta, some 250-300 people demonstrated near a strip mall in NE Atlanta where the picket signs of the PSL drew attention as people stopped to take photos. 

PSL members attended demonstrations in Colorado, Kansas, Utah, Texas and many other locations.


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