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Leonard Peltier subjected to unjust lockdown in prison: Write to the warden now!

The following appeal was circulated by Paulette Dauteuil, Director of the International Leonard Peltier Defense Committee. The Party for Socialism and Liberation urges its supporters to write the warden to demand an end to this brutal lockdown. 

Greetings Friends and Family,

I received a legal mail letter from Leonard yesterday. It is hard on his health to have no exercise and the lighting is so weak that reading and writing are hard on his eyes. He also said it looks like the lockdown won’t be lifted until sometime in Dec. This lockdown is so intense that even his Elder unit is confined to their cell 24/7 and allowed a half-hour to shower every 3 days. He would like you to write to the warden of Coleman 1 and ask why Leonard & the Elder unit is under such a strict lockdown? You would send your letters to:

Warden Cheatham
P.O. BOX 1023–COLEMAN, FL  33521

Remember white paper and no stickers on the white envelope.

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