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The Party for Socialism and Liberation is launching Liberation Radio – a new online radio show bringing you interviews, commentary and analysis of political developments and struggles affecting workers throughout the country.

Liberation Radio is more than a radio show. It is a tool to bring people together to fight for change and build the movement for socialism in the United States.

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Liberation Radio is produced by an all-volunteer effort of the members of the Party for Socialism and Liberation as an alternative to mainstream corporate media.

Your financial support is urgently needed so we can carry on this work.

The Party for Socialism and Liberation is not a not party of career politicians, but a working-class party of activists and organizers. You’ll find us at demonstrations and picket lines – opposing cutbacks and attacks on workers, standing up to police brutality, fighting for immigrant rights and struggling against racism, sexism, anti-LGBT bigotry and all forms of oppression and discrimination. We stand in solidarity with oppressed peoples around the world resisting imperialism. We believe the crimes of capitalism call for a new kind of society, and we are committed to fighting for it.

Visit the PSL’s website to learn more about us, find a branch near you and learn how to become a member.

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