Meghann Adams for California State Treasurer

Meghann Adams is the Peace and Freedom Party candidate for state Treasurer in the June 7, 2022 California statewide primary election. Adams is part of the Left Unity Slate, made up of candidates for statewide office from the Peace and Freedom and Green parties. 

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Adams, who is an organizer with the Party for Socialism and Liberation in San Francisco, is running on the central campaign theme, “End Poverty in California!”

“In a state with such vast wealth that it would be the sixth largest economy in the world if it were an independent country, there is no reason for millions of Californians to be living at or near poverty,” said Adams. “It is time we focus on funding people’s needs and ending poverty in California. That is why I am running for State Treasurer. My campaign calls for full rights for all immigrants, including the right to vote and receive all benefits.”

As state treasurer, Meghann Adams will fight for an end to mass incarceration and racist, anti-working class police brutality. “My campaign also calls for the conversion of the military budget to fund people’s needs in this state and across the country. As we have seen in recent weeks in regard to the war in Ukraine, the federal government can always find the money – our money – for the next war but fails to fund urgently needed social programs.”

“The billions of dollars which are currently used to incarcerate citizens could be better used to fund infrastructure across California, making clean water accessible to all, increasing the reach and efficiency of public transit, building more parks especially in urban areas, and more. Those funds could also be used to expand California’s social assistance programs and to provide more money for retirees. Millions are now forced to endure a retirement of poverty after a lifetime of labor. It’s truly unconscionable!”

 Adams will stop money from going to environmentally destructive programs and industries, for this is a priority long overdue. We need a crash program to combat climate catastrophe. Programs are needed to combat California’s fire season and make our forests more resilient, as well as reducing, if not ending all sewage spills.

She will allocate more money to schools, especially after the public education system has been threatened during this pandemic due to a history of poor planning and corporate greed aimed replacing public with charter schools. Adams will support instituting a state-run single-payer system as an important step toward achieving the goal of health care as a right for all Californians

“Health care, housing, childcare, education and employment should all be basic human rights to which every person is entitle.. To pay for the needed programs we must tax the obscene wealth of a tiny handful of billionaires who have grown even richer in the COVID-19 pandemic that has caused so much suffering for so many.”

What is ultimately needed, said Adams, “is a new sustainable system where the needs of the people – not the profits of the super-rich – are the priority. We need socialism!”

About Meghann Adams

As an organizer in the Party for Socialism and Liberation, Adams is a long-time anti-war, anti-racist, women’s rights and LGBTQ equality activist. Adams has been a part of many different struggles, the most recent of which are the Cancel the Rents campaign, and No Cuts to the Classroom. Adams is a writer for the “Breaking the Chains” socialist and feminist magazine. She is currently the president of SMART, Local 1741, the San Francisco school bus drivers.

“My grassroots campaign is not funded by corporate donors, real estate developers, or oil lobbyists. We are funded by the people. We run grassroots campaigns built by people power, organizing movements for justice, and fighting to envision a socialist future. 

“We must rely on our supporters – people we’ve met in the streets while fighting for justice, groups we’ve coordinated demonstrations and actions with, communities who have mobilized alongside us to take up the call to action – we need your support!”

Please go my website, www.Adams4treasurer to donate and/or volunteer.

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