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Milwaukee protesters demand real change from Biden administration

Around 50 protesters congregated in the cold outside Milwaukee City Hall Feb. 16 to make their demands heard, as President Joe Biden arrived for a town hall conversation with CNN. The rally was organized by the Party for Socialism and Liberation, Freedom Road Socialist Organization, Democratic Socialists of America, The People’s Revolution and several others. They noted that while the President has backpedaled on promises he made during the campaign trail, millions all over the country continue to hang by a thread without proper stimulus relief and wages.

The specific demands of this action called for Biden to secure sufficient COVID-19 relief for the people, end police crimes and topple white supremacy, defend Indigenous sovereignty while adopting green environmental policies, end wars everywhere and lift sanctions, and abolish ICE while ending the concentration camps at the Mexican border.

“We have a student debt crisis and Biden refuses to relieve 50K in debt,” said Andre Walton of Our Revolution.

Sammie Doucas of the Party for Socialism and Liberation also spoke. “Biden uses false sloganeering and proselytizes to Republicans and corporations,” Doucas said. “We see time and time again that the Democrats talk big to calm the masses but only ever do the bare minimum… They are the other side of the coin to the Republicans in the state’s machinery.”

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