The Russian Revolution: 100 Years and still shaking the world

Originally published on Liberation News Youtube channel on Nov 10, 2017.

The Russian Revolution ‘shook the world’ in 1917. It was the first time a socialist revolution had taken and held power, putting the workers in power and seizing private property and society’s productive capacity.

That revolution became the nemesis of global imperialism while it inspired national liberation movements around the world. As it emerged to be the second-largest economy, it became a valid counterweight to claims of capitalism’s superiority.

No single event shaped the 20th century more than the Russian Revolution and no single event has shaped the 21st century more than its destruction in 1991. For those who dream and fight for a new world today, it is essential that the lessons of the Russian Revolution and Soviet experiment be studied and understood.

Speakers: Dr. Anthony Monteiro from the Saturday Free School, and Brian Becker, PSL Central Committee

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