The time is now for Leonard Peltier’s freedom!

February 6 is his 45th year in prison: Not one day more!

Write Leonard Peltier a letter of solidarity today!

As everyone is painfully aware, Trump did not grant clemency to Native political prisoner Leonard Peltier, despite a hard-fought clemency campaign by attorney Kevin Sharp and determined solidarity efforts by many people for his freedom.

It is not time to be discouraged, it is time to continue the fight!

February 6, 2021 will mark 45 years of Leonard’s unjust imprisonment. In 1976 the FBI’s false claims led to Leonard’s extradition from Canada to face trial in the United States.

For a full background on Leonard Peltier’s struggle, watch the documentaries Incident at Oglala by filmmaker Michael Apted and Warrior by Suzie Bare. The book In the Spirit of Crazy Horse by Peter Matthiessen is also essential reading to understand the U.S. war on Native people and the American Indian Movement, and the railroading of Leonard Peltier.

To start the year 2021, we ask that you:

  1. Sign up with the International Leonard Peltier Defense Committee at to receive updates
  2. Write a letter of greeting and solidarity to Leonard Peltier, so he can receive it before or around February 6. Be sure and write using only white paper (can be lined) and use a white envelope. His address is:

    Leonard Peltier
    Coleman I USP
    P.O. Box 1033
    Coleman FL 33521

The following is the message Leonard wrote the morning after Trump left office, having refused to grant clemency to him:

Good Morning everyone.

I’m not sure if this is such a good morning but I don’t know how to open this letter to everyone.

Yes I heard the loser did not sign my clemency, I had this strong feeling yesterday that I wasn’t going to get it, I don’t know why I had it? I guess it was the spirits telling me so I sat down trying to write you all a letter but my tears of self pity must have overwhelmed me as I could not see to finish it so I had to stop for a while, thought about my family friends and people’s how it must be for them too. So I pulled myself together, and thought to myself well I’m not going to give up.

It’s been a hard 45 years, and it will get a lot harder I’m sure as I aged and in the moments when hopelessness overtakes me, but at my age all I can do is ask so many of you to stay with me and let’s try again. b/cuz we have the only weapon we can use and that’s the constitution and the laws of this so called free democracy, EQUAL JUSTICE FOR ALL, and must get everyone to know what the laws were that they violated not just the lawyers, But what a joke that is!! IT HAS never has been this way for my people. And more then likely will never be. BUT I welcome all who will stay with me and fight on until I take my last breath.

Thank you. In the Spirit of Crazy Horse,
Leonard Peltier.

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