The War on Health Care

Originally published on July 16, on the Liberation News YouTube channel.

After a temporary defeat, the Trump regime has resumed their attempt to overturn the Affordable Care Act and hand a huge tax break to the super rich. The bill, known as “Trumpcare,” if passed would mean the end of Medicare and Medicaid as we know it, and deprive up to 23 million people of their health insurance in the next several years.

Every year, twenty eight thousand people die in this country due to lack of health insurance. Under Trumpcare that number may double. This means a level of mass suffering the United States has not witnessed since the Great Depression. Militant Town Hall confrontations against Republican politicians are being organized by workers in “red states,” many of whom believed that Trump would help them. First-time activists in thousands of towns are also organizing tirelessly for universal health care.

This PSL public forum included a talk by a physician with a socialist perspective, as well as a local activist for Universal Health Coverage, both discussed the legalized criminality of medical care in the United States, why Trumpcare is genocide, and the exciting potential for a radical mass movement based on the health needs of the most oppressed.
Speakers: Carl Cornwell and Dr. Nadia Marsh.

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