Watch the third-party campaigns respond to the corporate debate

Following the third nationally televised presidential debate on Oct. 19, students and community members interested in the views of the candidates on the California ballot excluded from the Clinton-Trump debate gathered at the Mosaic Multi-Cultural Center on the San José University campus to hear a truly meaningful debate. Representatives of the Peace and Freedom Party candidate Gloria La Riva, Green Party candidate Jill Stein, and Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson engaged in an intelligent and informative exchange that dealt with real issues facing the voters in the 2016 election.

Debate participants were Nathalie Hrizi (for Gloria La Riva), Sandy Perry (for Jill Stein) and Robert Imhoff (for Gary Johnson). Co-moderators were Jack Spica of the Associated Students of SJSU and Nassim Nouri, community organizer.

Click here to access a video of the entire Facebook Live recorded debate. This video has already been seen by more than 800 online viewers and has appeared on more than 3,800 people’s FB pages. Click here for a higher quality YouTube video of just the responses of socialist Nathalie Hrizi.

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